Hunt: Showdown's one-week Solo Event has special rewards for lone-wolf hunters

Hunt: Showdown is primarily a cooperative venture, but from today until September 6, players can opt to take on Solo contracts instead. The time-limited Solo Event pits up to 10 individual players against one another in a competition for a bloody bounty that only one can claim—and you know what that means

Alongside the usual rewards for collecting heads and getting out alive, the Solo Event will award 3500 in-game dollars to the top 50 DIY hunters at the end of the event; the top ten will get the money and a custom name for one of their characters; the top five players will get the cash, the handle, three weapons of their choice (one large, one medium, and one small), three consumables, three tools, and 50 trait points; and the top three will get all of the above plus one prestige level. Other rewards will be handed out during the event as well, but Crytek didn't get into the details on what they might be. 

To take part in the Hunt: Showdown Solo Event, just select "Solo" from the contracts screen. It runs until 7 am PT/10 am ET on September 6. 

Andy Chalk

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