Hunt eggs, not monsters, in the Dauntless Easter event

(Image credit: Phoenix Labs)

Springtide has come to Dauntless, and since Springtide is the monster slaying game's equivalent of Easter, that means it's time to go on a different kind of hunt on the Shattered Isles—a hunt for eggs.

The Springtide event begins with a visit to Bosun Markus, an NPC in Ramsgate who serves as a tutor and mentor to players in the game. The seasonal quest he grants will unfold in three rounds:

  • Hunt for eggs around the island.
  • Herd pufflehops into their pen.
  • Fend off the styxian attack!

Pufflehops, going by the image above, are cute, fluffy, rabbit-type creatures, thematically appropriate for an Easter analog. Styxians, as documented in the Dauntless wiki, are fierce, cunning predators. Completing each round of the event will earn you 50 "carrot chips" that can be spent in the Springtide store on cosmetics, emotes, and other seasonal swag.

The update also makes a few quality of life changes:

  • Added a Mastery card for the Firestorm Prism (Charogg repeater part).
  • The default action for the radial menu in a hunt is now set to the flare.
  • Improved the appearance of water on islands, as well certain patches of grass and ledges.
  • Escalation now grants additional Hunt Pass XP. Escalation 1-13 now grants 15XP (up from 10) and 10-50 now grants 25XP (up from 15).

And there are numerous bug fixes affecting weapons, armor, Behemoths, and more. The Springtide event is live now and runs until April 23. Full details and patch notes are up at

Andy Chalk

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