Humble Weekly Retro Shooter Bundle revisits late-90s shooter classics for a fistful of dollars

The Humble Bundle continues to crank out the deals on a seemingly daily basis. Yesterday, Humble Indie Bundle 9 landed, and today the Humble Weekly Sale has arrived with a deal on some classic shooters like Shadow Warrior , Serious Sam , and Duke Nukem 3D . Paying more than $6.00 will also get you 2011's flashy-but-troubled sci-fi shooter Hard Reset and the all-time classic System Shock 2 .

Aside from Hard Reset, all of the retro shooter bundle games were released more than a decade ago, circa 1996 to 2001. Some of our younger readers may want to take this opportunity to study their PC gaming history by visiting the classics they've heard about from old fogeys but never actually played. And for less than the cost of a fast food lunch? Get to it, youngsters.

As always, a customizable portion of your purchase price goes to charities like Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation . Head over to the Humble Bundle site to check it out.