Humble Software Bundle For PC Lovers is piled high with handy programs

Humble Bundle has assembled a collection of software—which our team hand picked—to get the most out of your PC when you're not playing games. These aren't bloatware programs like what you might find pre-installed on an OEM system, but a variety of useful tools and utilities.

The PC Lovers collection contains $333 worth of diagnostic software, benchmarks, and other helpful programs. As always, what you choose to pay is split between charities, the developers, and Humble. You can allocate your funds however you see fit, or trust Humble Bundle to break it down fairly.

Here are the programs included in this bundle along with their retail values:

  • System Mechanic ($50)
  • EaseUS Partition Master Pro ($40)
  • AirParrot 2—two-pack ($13)
  • DAEMON Tools Pro 8 Lifetime ($60)
  • Backblaze Online Backup ($30)
  • 3DMark Advanced Edition ($50)
  • PCMark 8 Advanced Edition ($50)
  • VRMark Advanced Edition ($20)
  • Dashlane Premium ($40)

Your cost is whatever you think is fair and how charitable you're feeling. A buck unlocks System Mechanic, AirParrot 2, and EaseUS Partition Master Pro. If you beat whatever the average is at any given time, the bundle will also include DAEMON Tools Pro 8 (lifetime license for up to three PCs), six months of unlimited Backblaze backup, and 3DMark Advanced Edition. And for $12, you get the whole kit and caboodle.

The special bundle is live now and will run for two weeks. You can find it here.

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