Human Avatar: APB marketing madness

human avatar

The first time any of us are presented with a character editor, we are compelled by primal urges to slide every slider up to maximum, producing "maximum face". Then we mock them, laugh at how silly they look, etc. APB would like you - via an online poll - to do that to a human being.

Right now, the Human Avatar project would like you to to vote on which of two young men get bundled off to be customised by a mob rule of forumites, APB players, and 4chan. Looks like little Josh the freerunner is about to win this dubious honour. You can vote on his tattoos, piercings, clothes, haircut, and bust size in the coming weeks. I'll keep an eye on it for you - remember that 4chan managed to get their webhost listed as the most influential man of all time by TIME magazine in 2009 - what's some MMO to that?