HP's Omen Mindframe gaming headset is on sale for $60, its lowest price ever

HP Omen Mindframe gaming heads is on sale for $60, its lowest price ever
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Is your current gaming headset causing your ears to sweat? I've never had that happen myself, but I have worn HP's Omen Mindframe headset with active cooling and can say they bring the chill (in a good way). If you've been intrigued by this headset, now is the time to pounce. It's on sale for $59.99 on Amazon.

That's a hefty $90 savings over the headset's list price. It doesn't always sell for the full MSRP, but a look at the price history shows that it sometimes does. Generally speaking, pricing has fluctuated between around $100 and $130 the past several weeks.


HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset | Active Cooling | | 7.1 Surround | $59.99 (save $90)
Little coolers inside each earcup prevent your ears from getting hot. The HP Omen Mindframe is also comfortable for long stretches, and priced attractively right now.

At $59.99, this is the lowest price it's ever been. What's unique about this headset is that it employs thermoelectric coolers inside each earcup. These keep the aluminum speaker grills chilly, and by extension prevent your ears from getting toasty. There's no fan, so no worries about icicles building up on your ears.

It works rather well, and I found the headset as a whole to be comfortable. When I trialed them a year ago, I didn't think the sound quality was on par with the asking price. But at $59.99, it's a much more compelling headset, given the comfort and 7.1 virtual surround (if you're into that).

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