Here's how to watch today's Diablo 4 season 1 announcement livestream

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We're exactly a month out from Diablo 4's full release, so it's time to change everything up. With season 1 of the game right around the corner, Blizzard is set to host a Diablo Developer Update Livestream today, July 6, giving some of the game's devs a chance to chatter about upcoming updates, answer questions, and—crucially—reveal the date when Diablo 4's first season will finally drop. I hope they announce an even bigger Butcher.

When is Diablo 4's season 1 livestream?

The show kicks off at 11 am PDT. You'll be able to catch the livestream over on Diablo's official YouTube and Twitch channels, but you might want to skip the first 15 minutes. Diablo global community development director Adam Fletcher says that time will be dedicated to updates about Diablo Immortal, the underloved, mobile-first entry in the series that probably isn't why most people are going to be tuning in. Worry not, though: Diablo 4 will take up the entire remainder of the show, which Fletcher estimates will go on for over an hour.

Here's when that time translates to around the world:

  • 11 am Pacific, July 6
  • 2 pm Eastern, July 6
  • 7 pm BST, July 6
  • 8 pm CEST, July 6,
  • 4 am AEST, July 7

What will Blizzard announce?

It's hard to say what's in store for us with Diablo 4's first season. An official tweet teasing the livestream says only that "Corruption is taking hold," which I think you could reasonably use to describe any portion of any Diablo game ever made, so it's not enormously illuminating. 

We do know that you'll need to start a new seasonal character to reap the fruits of Diablo 4's first season and accompanying battle pass, if you're into that sort of thing. That bit of news came as a shock to some players, but it's only in-keeping with the precedent established by Diablo 3's seasonal structure. Still, at least the cosmetics you unlock on the battle pass will be class-agnostic, so you can slap them on any character you like.

We'll find out more later today, and if you can't set aside the time to watch the livestream yourself, don't worry. We'll undoubtedly cover all the biggest announcements here. For now, here's everything we know about how Diablo 4's battle pass will work, including pricing and the total number of rewards.

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