How To Survive 2 heads to Louisiana, and Early Access

How To Survive 2

How to survive the zombocalypse: meet up with a few chums, build yourself a base camp, then craft, craft like there's no tomorrow (because there probably isn't). That's how to survive in, er, How To Survive 2, sequel to the co-op action RPG that adds online multiplayer, randomised environments, a new camera, that camp system and more. EKO Software's game is now on Steam Early Access, with 20% off for the next week or so.

The Early Access version currently comprises an open world sandbox, set in a post-apocalyptic Louisiana, with online multiplayer, camps, crafting, levelling and survival systems (i.e. you'll need to eat and drink now and again). Oh, and there are also weapons and lots of zombies to use them on. EKO hasn't set an exact date for the full release, but they hope to be done sometime in 2016.

The original How To Survive is currently 85% off in the Steam Halloween sale.

Tom Sykes

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