How to solve the clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake's Ashley
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The Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle is one of the many you need to solve if you want to progress through the dangerous halls and corridors of Salazar's castle, but this one sees you piloting Ashley instead of Leon. Those who played the original game will remember the section where a terrified Ashley had to escape some murderous suits of armour, and the clock puzzle takes place during this. 

If you're still exploring the castle, you might want to know how to open those Square Lock Boxes, or complete some of the trickier requests, such as defacing Ramon's portrait or locating the crow's nest. It's worth noting there's also a secret weapon located in the Library, though you'll have to come back as Leon. Otherwise, here's how to solve the Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle so you can help Ashley escape. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle correct time

During chapter nine, after you complete the chimera statue by returning its three heads, you'll find yourself playing as Ashley in a sequence set in a dark and spooky Library. In order to progress and escape from the parasite-infested suits of armour wandering around, you'll need to enter the correct time into a couple of big grandfather clocks. The right time for both clocks depends on what difficulty you are playing the game on: 

  • Assisted/Standard: The clock time is 11:04
  • Hardcore/Professional: The clock time is 7:00

You can find this info scrawled on a note after you work out the correct key for the elevator and head up to escape the knights in the Library. In regular difficulty, it's written plainly, but on harder difficulties, it's written in Roman numerals you have to decipher. Once you've set the correct time and clicked enter, the big grandfather clock should slide aside to reveal a passage that'll lead down to the mausoleum and the scariest knight section of all—there's no escaping that bit I'm afraid!

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