Deathloop: How to complete the gas room puzzle

Three enemies stand in front of protagonist Colt as he loads up a nail gun.
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Need a hand with the Deathloop gas room puzzle? As you traverse Blackreef, you'll eventually come across a dude sitting behind some glass at Fristad Rock. You can have a chat with him, but eventually, he'll set off some deadly gas and trap you inside the glass room. Luckily for you, there's a way to escape by means of solving a puzzle. It's not as complicated or as lengthy as the likes of the cassette tape or Yervha puzzles, but you'll need to be quick.

How to solve the Deathloop gas room puzzle

First, face the man behind the glass, then look to your left. You'll see a small staircase, so head up and keep an eye out for a metal box. Hack the antenna above the box to open it and you'll be able to pick up the Gas Drainage Protocols. It gives you some vague instructions on how to vent the gas and escape the glass room.

Essentially, you'll need to pull some levers in a specific order. There should be a locked door next to the box with a whiteboard opposite it. There are three numbers (randomised every time) on the whiteboard, so make a note of these. Head back towards the open box and underneath there should be some slats to destroy that reveal a secret entrance. Slide into the next room and look for the levers labelled with the three numbers you saw earlier. Go ahead and pull the levers that match the numbers.

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Once you're done with the levers, head back into the other room. Make your way over to the opened box for a final time and press the red button inside. Your pal will have a word with you and you can escape through the boathouse door to freedom. If you're following Visionary Leads, check out our Visionary locations guide.

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