Deathloop: When and where to find each Visionary

Deathloop shooting an enemy with a shotgun
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There are eight Visionaries in Deathloop that Colt must hunt and kill, each rewarding you with unique weapons and powers. The true aim of the game is to find and kill them in one day, but you'll need to gather some intel about each Visionary first. You'll also be able to kill them several times to farm new upgrades and powers. 

If you want to avoid some minor spoilers, then I suggest giving this guide a miss for now. Otherwise, let's take a look at when and where to find all eight Visionaries, and the Deathloop Slabs you'll get from each.

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AleksisDual Limp 10 SMGsKinesisEveningUpdaam
CharlieStrelak 50-50 shotgunShiftNoonUpdaam
EgorHigh zoom rifleAetherEveningThe Complex
FiaPepper Mill machine gunHavocNoonFristad Rock
HarrietFourpounderNexusMorningKarl's Bay
Ramblin' FrankThe Constancy automatic pistolNoneMorningFristad Rock
WenjieNoneNoneMorningThe Complex

All Deathloop Visionaries, and when they appear 

Deathloop operates on a day/night cycle, with some characters unavailable at certain times. Most Visionaries will appear at the same time and place each day, so finding them is only half the challenge. How you decide to kill them is up to you: you could set a trap, go in for a stealth kill or dual-wield your favourite weapons and rain hell down upon them. As you explore Blackreef, you'll find more information about each Visionary that will lead to new ways to kill them, so explore each area thoroughly for clues.

If you're not fussed about doing loads of exploring and just want to get right to killing, then you can check out when and where to find each Visionary below.


If you want some telekinetic powers to really shake things up, then hunt Aleksis in the evening. He can be found in Updaam, specifically in the Dorsey Manor. He's one of the more challenging Visionaries to spot, mostly because everyone in the manor is wearing a wolf mask. Trust me when I say there are other ways to kill him bar killing literally everyone there.

If you're in no rush, it's a good idea to sneak your way around the manor until two objectives unlock. You can either seek out his personal mixtape or turn the drink taps off so that only bottled beer will be served, which he hates. His mixtape is in the back room of the manor, and a handy waypoint will appear when you're near. His weapons are worth seeking out as they heal you as you damage enemies, which is good when the going gets tough.


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Charlie's Slab allows you to teleport, so he's another one that's worth hunting early on. He'll be playing an RPG irl, making him a fairly easy target. His shotgun also fires projectiles that slow enemies, which works well with the Shift ability. It's definitely worth farming as you learn more about him. 

Aside from shooting or stabbing him, you can have a little fun with his RPG. If you collect all the batteries from the weird tentacle displays, you can ask his personal computer 2-Bit to turn on his rocket and kill everyone in the vicinity. Who said video games are violent?


Killing Egor nets you an Invisibility Slab called Aether, and I'm sure I don't need to explain why that's useful. He'll be in the back of The Complex in the evening and the best way to get him is to shut down his device and ruin the experiment he's working on. Otherwise, wait a while and he'll head to Aleksis' party, where you can try to kill him. 

There is an invisible console you can discover by using the Null Field Generator at noon in the lab and gathering intel, but the device number you need is randomised, so I'm no help there.


Fia tends to lurk in her base at Fristad Rock. You'll find her there at noon. As her base is on an unstable reactor, if you're not stealthy enough about your approach, she'll blow everyone to kingdom come when she's alerted to your presence. If you'd rather not die, be careful. 

You can use the Hackamajig to disable her transmitter or search for details on how to disable the reactor if you want to try a stealthy approach. She's one of the last Visionaries you'll want to hunt as it's better to have Aether or Shift equipped. Once she's dealt with, you'll get the Havoc Slab, which gives you a mega damage boost, as well as her Pepper Mill machine gun which causes bleeding.


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Harriet can always be found in the same place, making her one of the easier Visionaries to target. Her Slab Power is the Nexus which links all of your enemies together, where if you kill one, you kill 'em all. Your best bet is to head over to the big Hangers in Karl's Bay as soon as you can in the morning to grab it. Her weapon, Fourpunder, fires bullets that release toxic gas, which is also pretty useful.

Ramblin' Frank

While waiting for Fia to appear, you can hunt Ramblin' Frank in the morning at Fristad Rock. In the first instance, you'll need to go to his house to kill him, so equip your Hackamajig and go in as stealthily as you can. He doesn't have a Slab you can farm but does have The Constancy Automatic machine pistol which you can reload without stopping firing. As long as you have ammo, you can keep changing mags and damaging enemies, making it one of the most impressive guns in the game.


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Unlike the rest of the Visionaries, Wenjie doesn't have a Slab or weapon you can collect. You'll still need to kill her to break the loop, but there's no real use in farming kills here. Multiple versions of her will spawn so kill them all to truly get rid of her. What you will get is the Infuse ability which means you can keep hold of items, so she's worth tracking near the start. 


Just… be prepared, okay? Julianna can appear at any time to try and hunt you down, but with a bit of a twist. If you're playing on your own, she'll appear as an AI character that's disguised as someone else, but if you're playing with multiplayer enabled, your friends can invade as Julianna and take you out. You won't know you've been invaded until it happens, so keep your eye out for characters behaving oddly. Use your focus ability to see what they're up to and if she starts to hunt you, hack a radio beacon to access the tunnels so you can flee.

Sadly, she doesn't drop anything specifically. She'll always be carrying decent Slabs, Trinkets, and weapons, but it's randomised every time, so you don't need to hunt her for anything special. Well, other than breaking the loop, obviously.

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