Where to find the Bloody Finger for endless invasions in Elden Ring

How to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring.
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Looking for the Elden Ring Bloody Finger, the item that lets you invade as many times as you like? Before getting it you can use Festering Bloody Fingers, but these are expensive and rare items that are consumed after a single use: so if PvP in the Lands Between is what you're after, the Bloody Finger is a must.

The road to get the Bloody Finger is slightly convoluted, even if the item is worth it. The item involves working through the questline for White-Faced Varré: this is the first NPC character you meet in Elden Ring, at the First Step site of grace. Varré will later move, and can be found at the Rose Church in Liurnia. So, here's how to invade in Elden Ring, indefinitely, so you can deliver limitless pain.

How to invade in Elden Ring

Just in case you don't know this yet, it's as simple as selecting the Bloody Finger item (we recommend using one of the menu quickslots) in an area with online play—which is more or less everywhere. You'll see a message saying you're searching for a world to invade and, usually pretty quickly, you'll be in there. Give 'em hell, tarnished. The item will be greyed-out in the few places it's unusable.

Elden Ring Varré quest: How to complete it for infinite invasions

Rose Church in Elden Ring.

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Varré will spawn at Rose Church after you've defeated Godrick the Grafted, but you also need to have spoken to the Two Fingers at Roundtable Hold. Varré asks what you think of the Two Fingers: if you respond "They didn't seem right", Varré asks if you'd like to join the Blood Order and gifts you five Festering Bloody Fingers.

You now need to invade three times. You don't need to win, so you can just stand in front of Varré and invade three times then, whatever the result, speak to Varré again.

You'll receive a Lord of Blood's Favour cloth which you're required to soak in Maiden's blood. Lovely! There are two options we currently know about.

First option: the Four Belfries

The Four Belfries in Elden Ring.

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The Four Belfries is located Northwest of Rose Church (here's the exact location). Fair warning: as you approach the area, giants will begin spawning. The best tactic for just getting the item is to bear right as you approach with Torrent, then circle west and south to the top of the landmass, where you'll find a Site of Grace next to the toppermost belfry (shown above).

In front of that belfry you'll find an item called the Imbued Sword Key in a chest. This key can then be used on the second-highest tower—look for a developer message outside it that says "Precipice of Anticipation" (image below)—and access the portal: through here is a fight against the Grafted Scion in the game's opening area.

How to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring.

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Once you've defeated the Scion, you'll get an Ornamental Straight Sword and a Golden Beast Crest Shield. But that's not what we're here for: cross the bridge towards the church from the very beginning of the game. Follow the wooden stairs up to your left, and enter the building in front of you. There is a maiden's corpse inside the church, to your left: interact with it to soak the cloth in blood, and return to Varré at Rose Church.

How to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring.

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Varré will commend your efforts and then, naturally, cut off your finger: turns out the Bloody Finger was with us all along! You now have the Bloody Finger item and can invade as many times as you like.

Also: make sure to speak to him once more, and you'll receive the Pureblood Knight's Medal. No idea what this does yet, if anything, but hey: it's free.


The second option, which doesn't involve an Elden Ring boss fight, is to head to the Church of Inhibition (here's a map of the exact location), which is now a ruin that contains a maiden corpse that can be used to soak the cloth: after which, return to Varré and things will play out in the same fashion.

Happy invading! 


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