How to find the Memory Shards in Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape Memory Shard
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Where are the Hyper Scape Memory Shards? The first set of Hyper Scape season one challenges encourages players to hunt down two Memory Shards hidden away on the Neo Arcadia map. Finding both of them only takes a matter of minutes, if you know where to look. 

So your objective is simple enough, but scouring every inch of the map isn't the best way to spend your matches. To save you some time, I've highlighted the location of each shard, and how to get there. So, here's how to complete this week one challenge, while you concentrate on being the last player standing. Here's where to find each Hyper Scape Memory Shard so far.

What are Hyper Scape Memory Shards?

Memory Shards are collectible items that can be found each week in Neo Arcadia. Each one contains an image, as well as a lore fragment. Over the course of the season these items will reveal more information about the events and characters in the Hyper Scape universe. Ubisoft has also teased that there could be something else tied to Memory Shards for players to look forward to, but these items remain shrouded in mystery for now. 

Ubisoft has said that the memories are accessible in player's lockers, but I'm currently unable to view mine. You should be able to see a Memories tab where you can select each memory and read a short entry. Memory Shard 1.1 is called 'Welcome to the Hyper Scape' and Memory Shard 1.2 is called 'Secret Ways'.

How to find Hyper Scape Memory Shard 1.1: Welcome to the Hyper Scape

Our first stop is Tora Garden, which you'll find close to the centre of Neo Arcadia. This area has a huge structure with a glowing diamond at its centre—you can't miss it. Head up the glowing steps to find Memory Shard 1.1 nestled in a triangular recess in the structure's base. Press F to pick it up and complete the challenge.

How to find Hyper Scape Memory Shard 1.2: Secret Ways

The next location is a bit of a trek: We're heading north, towards Unity Hill. The shard is located on the east side of the zone, parallel to the tram line that separates Unity Hill and the outskirts of Expo. Look for the blue squares on the floor and walk down to the level with a door that's glitching with a pink hue. There's no need to open it, just walk straight through it to grab Memory Shard 1.2 on the other side.

Hyper Scape Memory Shard map

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