House Flipper 2's sandbox mode basically looks like The Sims build mode in first person

I'll admit I passed on the original House Flipper craze because I'm not one for job sim games. But I really like to build and decorate houses, which, it turns out, House Flipper 2 is totally prepared to support. House Flipper dev Frozen District has already announced that the sequel would have a sandbox mode, but now it's been shown off in a new trailer. I'm all in this time.

In the original game, your goal was of course to come into a house and fix it up by demoing walls, cleaning up trash, and rolling on a more charming color of paint. Sandbox mode lets you ignore all responsibility and simply build from scratch. You can edit the lot dimensions and terrain heights, use free-placement or snap to the grid, and switch to a top-down editor instead of the usual first-person perspective. Frozen District also references its 1,500-piece catalog of furniture and the ability to share your houses with the community.

(Image credit: Frozen District)

The sharing bit is mostly so you can build custom flipping quests to share with your friends, I gather. The trailer shows off how your build can denote walls and items that should be changed and also a rather detailed "Trash Generator" for littering the property with your exact specification of moss, cans, broken tiles, and other debris. It's not a flip if you aren't bending over for hundreds of cans, apparently.

I fully did not expect House Flipper 2 to pop up as one of the upcoming Sims competitors. Sure, it doesn't have the simulated people part, but I don't actually play Live Mode in The Sims 4 anyhow. I'm just here for the building and I'm totally down to take a new build mode for a spin. Look at how they can just build their own custom exterior walls in the exact ratio of colored siding to bricks that they want. That's the dream.

House Flipper 2 was already the most-played Next Fest demo in June, so it seems that plenty of other folks are ready to go hands-on. House Flipper 2 launches on December 14 on Steam for you to either flip houses as usual or just build your own.

Lauren Morton
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