Hotline Miami 2 digital comic released on Steam

Hotline Miami 2

Picture the frenetic, balletic violence of Hotline Miami. Now imagine that instead of a chaotic and reactive fever of pulsating violence, it's not. It's entirely still, and told across sequential inked images—all conjoined into a cohesive story. Ladies and gentlemen, Hotline Miami 2 is a comic now.

The five part series is available for free through Steam. Currently, there are only two issues. More are due to release in the lead up to HM2's launch.

What's the comic about? People in animal masks who do bad things, mostly. There's some side-story stuff relating to the first Hotline Miami, and an introduction to some of the playable characters and factions of the upcoming sequel.

You can grab the comic app at the Hotline Miami 2 Steam page.

Phil Savage

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