Hotline Miami 2 set in the early '90s, will conclude series

Hotline Miami

Coked-up neon murderfest Hotline Miami was originally a one-off project from developer Dennaton, but fans took to trial-and-error spree killing well enough to prompt co-creators Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin to start development on a sequel. The duo shares a few extra details with Joystiq , saying the the setting moves on to the quieter early years of the '90s.

No, this doesn't mean bemasked protagonist Jacket will don faded cutoffs and wax angst on teenage hardships while Pearl Jam blares in the background—in fact, he's not the focus of Hotline Miami 2 at all, though he'll play a minor role with whoever his trigger-happy replacement turns out to be. Don't expect a grunge-encrusted score, either, but do expect to hear some " sweet tunes ."

Hotline Miami 2 will also be Dennaton's "grand finale" for the storyline, and it hopes to start work on a new concept beyond having you rip the faces off nameless goons over and over until your ballet of death is just right.

Omri Petitte

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