When does Horizon Zero Dawn unlock on Steam in my timezone?

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Horizon Zero Dawn is "a classy sandbox that stands out from the pack thanks to its brilliant battles against an array of fantastic beasts," says our review. And it's almost here: Sony's first big, exclusive first party release on PC hits Steam on Friday. But when, exactly? 

Here's when you can play it.

When you can play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC in your time zone

Steam made this one easy: a countdown on the site shows that Horizon Zero Dawn unlocks on Friday, August 6 at 8 am PDT. A few handy conversions for that time:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (US) - 8/7 at 8:00AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time (US) - 8/7 at 11:00AM
  • British Summer Time (UK) - 8/7 at 4:00PM
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AUS) - 8/8 at 1:00AM

Here's a countdown timer that shows when that is in your local timezone.

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