Homefront map pack will send players to Alcatraz


The Rock map pack will be heading to Homefront soon. It'll hit the Xbox 360 first, but we can expect it to appear on PC sometime thereafter. The pack will include four new maps, including one set on the prison island of Alcatraz from which there is no escape except death, or disconnection due to high ping. You'll find a summary of the maps below.

The pack is costing Xbox players 400MS points, which is the equivalent of about £4 / $6. Not a bad price compared to DLC packs for a certain other military shooter series that I shall not mention, except to say that it rhymes with Ball of Shooty. There aren't any images of the new maps, so here are the descriptions of each arena from the Homefront site instead. Bring them to life using the power of your imagination.

  • Alcatraz - America's most infamous prison becomes the site of fierce close-quarters fighting.

  • Bridge – A combined arms effort to secure the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding area, large-scale warfare at its best!

  • Waterway – Wage war atop storefronts and in the streets of the Spillway, where every inch feels like a mile.

  • Overpass – Battle in a fan-favorite Ground Control space for the first time in Team Deathmatch!

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