Hollow Knight Gods & Glory limited edition OST vinyl is all kinds of awesome

In early 2016, Andy wrote about how record label Ghost Ramp is embracing games (opens in new tab). It's since brought Darkest Dungeon (opens in new tab), Crypt of the Necrodancer (opens in new tab), Nuclear Throne (opens in new tab) and Hollow Knight (opens in new tab)'s soundtracks to life—each with its own gorgeous sleeve art. 

In the wake of yesterday's Gods & Glory announcement (opens in new tab), Hollow Knight's next expansion is getting the game-to-vinyl treatment too. 

And it looks awesome:

Composed by Christopher Larkin, the above boasts 15 tracks from the DLC on a limited edition, 1000-unit single-pressed LP run. It comes with an art print insert, a 'Grimmchild' enamel pin, embossed lettering on its jacket, and a Gods & Glory expansion download card. 

In his review (opens in new tab), Tom Marks billed Hollow Knight's soundtrack as "sullen but energetic" and "exceptional, pairing each area with an orchestral soundtrack that perfectly sets the mood." I can't argue with that, and can't wait to hear what the latest DLC has in store. 

"Venture to the farthest reaches of Hallownest with an all new collection of 15 epic tracks," so reads its blurb on the Ghost Ramp site (opens in new tab). "Meet fallen kings, gallant knights and ancient gods in this powerful, orchestral collection that brings together all the additional tracks from Hollow Knight and features an entirely new arrangement, Pale Court."

At $30.00, Ghost Ramp's Gods & Glory vinyl OST is "expected to ship November 2018." If pre-ordering is your thing, head this way (opens in new tab) for more details.