Hogwarts Legacy datamined potion would've made choosing talents easier

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Hogwarts Legacy currently has no way for your witch or wizard to swap their talents around, or reset them. Once you've made a decision to invest in one of the game's talent trees, you're stuck with it.

But tucked away in the game's files is a bit of code that reads: "RPG_PotionAbility_TalentReset." This potion causes the "RPGTriggerEffect_TalentReset" and is located under the "TalentReset" folder, according to EIPGaming. The potion even has a sparkly purple texture file associated with it. It isn't used for anything in the game though, and seems to be either cut content or potentially a developer tool.

The only way to reset your talents in Hogwarts Legacy is to install a mod. Over on NexusMods, you have two choices: the HWL Talent Reset Tool or the Talent Reset Potion mod. The HWL Talent Reset Tool is command line-based and the Talent Reset Potion adds a potion you can buy from J. Pippin's potion shop in Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy isn't a particularly hard game, but choosing what talents best suit your favorite spells can be difficult. The game gives you your first talent point at level 5 and then you receive one for every level past that until level 40, giving you a total of 36 talent points. Across the game's five trees, there are 48 talents to pick up, which means you won't be able to have them all.

Most of the talents simply empower your existing spells, but some of them can enable ridiculous builds. The overpowered cabbage build, for example, requires the Fertilizer talent in the Room of Requirement tree. If the vegetables get nerfed, you'll be stuck with a talent that might not be that useful anymore. A talent reset potion would be nice for experimenting with different builds, especially if you want to carve through the game's three battle arenas. 

Hogwarts Legacy received a performance patch yesterday. Apart from a list of crash fixes and optimizations to address the game's issues with stuttering, there were no surprises. It's possible that Avalanche Software could pull a FromSoftware and drop a surprise patch with new items, including a talent reset potion, or it could arrive in future DLC. It's not a game-breaking omission, but it would be a welcome feature to have if you want to experiment with everything in the game without having to make a new character or keep a bunch of backup save files.

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