Hitman's first Elusive Target meets their end this weekend

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Elusive Targets are part of Io's ambition to make Hitman (opens in new tab)'s vast levels ongoing, murderous puzzles. Originally expected soon after launch (opens in new tab), the first will stroll into either Paris (opens in new tab) or Sapienza (opens in new tab) for 48 hours starting Friday 13. If I were the high-value spymaster sort, I'd stay home every Friday 13.

I'm betting the Paris soirée will host the unlucky individual, judging from the 'bonne chance' sign-off on the press release. Everything else remains a mystery. Intel on the target will be strictly limited, and they won't show up in 47's Instinct mode or on the minimap, so I hope your recon is as sharp as your poison syringe.

Elusive Targets are a one-time-only deal. If you fail, they're gone. Forever. If you turn up on Monday, they'll be gone. If you kill them like the world-class assassin you are, they'll be dead for good. You've got one shot, 47—good luck.