Hitman's first Elusive Target delayed; new Escalations added

Hitman 4

Hitman's first Elusive Target will be appearing later than planned, closer to the launch of Hitman's second mission, Sapienza, in April.

Elusive Targets are time-limited, challenging hits set in Hitman's existing levels—in this case, the Parisian palace that hosts Showstopper. The targets don't show up on the minimap or in Instinct mode, requiring visual identification. I expected these to form the bulk of the interim content between Hitman missions, but either Io is still fine-tuning the framework by which they're implemented or the hits are more deep than I was anticipating.

Escalation The Osterman Mosaic

Luckily, PCG's favourite contracts, Escalations, are coming much faster than I would have predicted: two per week, including a fresh batch today. The Osterman Mosaic puts you on the hunt with a sabre, while The Gemini Fiasco promises to "test your mastery of Paris", incorporating a variety of objectives and demanding a good knowledge of security cameras and poison.

In addition, the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack is on the way, featuring ten challenges "inspired by community activity" that require you to be dressed as the elusive Vampire Magician. The pack will also bring a selection of much-needed fixes.

Whatever your opinion of Io's episodic model, it's certainly keeping us busy.