Hitman’s 360° Bangkok trailer has exploding phones, coconut concussions

Perhaps the best thing about Hitman’s 360 degree trailers is that they allow players to view each murderground from a fresh perspective. So much of Agent 47’s work is about scoping out his surroundings, before determining the best spot for slaughter—a process made easier by being able to zip around in full panoramic view. 

If you’ve struggled with the Club 27 story mission, the Bangkok trailer below might be of some use. And of course being shown how to blow up phones, how to feed air ventilation systems with insecticide, or how to level unsuspecting targets with a bunch of airborne coconuts makes meticulous murder that wee bit easier. 

Earlier this month, Square Enix revealed January 31, 2017 as launch day for The Complete First Season physical edition which will come packing all Escalation Contracts, Challenges, Opportunities, and Contracts; as well as three bonus missions, a soundtrack and a “making of” documentary. 

Conversely, Phil’s played, reviewed and enjoyed all four Hitman missions thus far, and reckons it’s best suited to its episodic release format