Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge pre-order bonus outed by US magazine

Hitman Absolution Sheriff Outfit

Sharp-eyed Game Informer readers have spotted an advert in the latest issue that seems to lift the lid on Hitman Absolution's pre-order DLC. The Sniper Challenge pack is exclusive to GameStop in the US and provides an exclusive rifle and 'replayable sniping mission' which hooks in to a wider competition.

As reported by VG247 , Square Enix promise 'awesome prize packages for top snipers', but haven't announced what they are yet. A head-barcode tattoo of your very own, perhaps. IO are due to make an announcement on Thursday, so we may find out more then.

Rich's Hitman Absolution preview suggested that the game was taking a more action-heavy, linear approach, and the presence of a sniping mission lends weight to the idea that the game will boil Agent 47's freedom down to a few lethal options in each mission.

The recent trailer also emphasises 47's deadly prowess, be it blowing up jeeps or taking a fire-axe to someone's oesophagus. Rumour has it he can also snipe the tears off a Blood Money fan's face at 400 yards.

Chris Thursten

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