Mother Russia Bleeds gameplay video is nearly 30 minutes of drugs, blood, and vicious beatdowns

Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent, Double Dragon-flavored side-scrolling beat-em-up about a gang of street fighters who escape prison and kick ass across an alt-history Soviet Union in order to bring down a powerful criminal cartel that's got the whole country addicted to Elsinore Beer. Something like that, anyway. It's set to come out on September 5, but ahead of that you can get a taste of what it's all about thanks to this new trailer featuring precisely 27 minutes and nine seconds of gameplay. 

I was unimpressed at first by the game's self-billing as “ultra-violent” until the moment I saw a man beat a zombie pig's skull with his bare fists until it popped. Then he did it again! And then he seemed to get really angry—he punched a guy's head clean off his shoulders, caught the skull in mid-flight, and used it to bean three other dudes in the face. You won't see that kind of combo in Street Fighter. 

Mother Russia Bleeds supports solo and co-op action for up to four players—local only—through the arcade campaign, survival mode, and the “soul-crushing” Boss Rush mode. The video makes it pretty clear what's in store, but if you'd like to dig into the details you may do so at

Andy Chalk

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