Hitman 2 video teases new recovery feature for when you inevitably screw up

Hitman 2's How to Hitman series has already showcased Agent 47 killing a man with a fish. The run now turns its head to something close to my heart: making an arse of things. 

"In Hitman 2, stealth is key if you want to avoid being captured" begins the above. Which is largely where I've always gone wrong. Similar to its forerunner, a mini-map lets you track targets, the short explains, and alerts you when things go awry—like when your identity has been compromised by security, a passer-by and/or a security camera. 

This happens to me quite a lot on first runs. But Hitman 2's newest feature, named Picture-in-Picture, should help me out.

"Okay, you messed up," adds the trailer. "But on long missions, it can be hard to keep track of how you messed up. That's where Picture-in-Picture comes in. It alerts you to important events as they happen, providing you with crucial context to help you plan your next move."

In doing so, the example given shows a civilian happening on a body Agent 47 has left lying out on the concourse, as he makes his way into a building via a first floor window. "Next time, put the body in the dumpster," the trailer explains. I see. That's where I've messed up in the past.  

Hitman 2 is due November 13, 2018. In case you missed it, here's the teaser for its Columbia jungle level: