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Hitman 2 is getting a new sniper map next week

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Agent 47 is heading to Singapore in Hitman 2's Hantu Port sniper assassin map, due out next week. This is one of part of the DLC in the first expansion pack, which seems to be appearing piecemeal, and you'll receive it if you purchased the expansion pass. 

A couple have been kidnapped by a criminal organisation known as the Heavenly Guard, so you'll need to find a good sniper perch and wait for them to bring their victims to a cargo ship and then take out three targets. 

Along with the new map and sniper mission, you'll get access to a new sniper rifle, new discoveries and the return of the co-op sniper mode. 

Hitman 2 was our best stealth game of 2018, so hopefully all the expansion missions will impress just as much as the base game. Expansion pass owners will be able to see for themselves when Hantu Port launches on March 26. 

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown

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