Hitman 2 cools off with Siberian prison Sniper Assassin map

Hitman 2 has a cure for this hot, hot summer: Agent 47 is going to Siberia. It's a new Sniper Assassin map set in a private prison. The trailer calls it the most inhospitable environment on Earth, but obviously IO Interactive wasn't in my flat last week, where even the air was on fire. 

The targets for this chilly mission are the prison's warden, who you'll recognise because he's got a really big hat, and a Russian mobster with a penchant for battering people to death. You'll need to take out both of them. Beyond simply killing this naughty pair, expect new challenges to bump up your Hitman score and improve your mastery with the Druzhina 34 Arctic Sniper Rifle.  

Siberia is available with the expansion pass, but everyone else gets Hawke's Bay added to Contracts and three new disguises from other IO Interactive games. The July update, along with Siberia, will launch on July 30 at 5pm UTC.

Check out the patch notes here.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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