Heroes of the Storm's upcoming heroes, skins and mounts detailed

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has detailed the new heroes, skins and mounts coming soon to Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA mash-up built from its bulging multiverse. Lt. Morales is getting a load of new skins, for example, including one based on Metroid's Samus. A Marshal-themed version of StarCraft 2's Jim Raynor is also coming to the game, along with his trusty Outrider horse.

Here's the full list o'stuff:

  • Lt. Morales
    • Master Lt. Morales
    • Apothecary Morales
  • Artanis
    • Master Artanis
    • Purifier Artanis
  • Marshal Raynor and Themed Abilities
  • Buccaneer Falstad and Themed Abilities
  • Marshal’s Outrider Mount
  • Void Speeder Mount
  • Nexus Battle Beast Mount
  • Headless Horseman’s Charger Mount
  • Vulture Mount

In addition to all that, HotS is also getting a set of tools to help combat toxic players.

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