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This week on the PC Gamer forums, to help pass the 132 days until Cyberpunk 2077, people sketched out rough ideas for their character backstories, while others looked back at the coolest videogame weapons. If you like to multitask, you'll find some good advice in our discussions about favorite games to play while listening to podcasts.

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Once you've entered, read on to find out what else happened this week on the PC Gamer forums.

What's your Cyberpunk 2077 backstory? 

With so much time until Cyberpunk 2077's release, our own Stevie Ward is encouraging readers to plan ahead and map out who and what their character will be. We learned this week that Cyberpunk 2077's character creator is going to have a lot of customization options—including choosing the size of your genitals—but users were also having fun coming up with unique motivations for their characters:

"I was a top notch security expert for a high tech company awkwardly working with my ex-girlfriend and then there was an attack on our company and she was killed, I was almost killed but my body was just alive enough for me to be rebuilt with all sorts of high tech augmentations that I never asked for.

Wait a second…"
I Will Haunt You

"Growing up on the streets has been hard for V's entire life. If it wasn't gang wars consuming neighborhoods, it was the forced relocation. He knew good people who died young and a few bad people who still walk the earth. Growing up in Night City taught him many lessons, one of which is thinking first. If you don't think on your feet, you won't survive. V hates his augments, but he's begrudgingly come to accept them since they've saved his life.

Night City is a hellhole and he won't let it simply chew him up and spit him out. He's gonna make enough to live comfortably and protect what matters to him most. What matters to him most, you ask? That's a story for another time…"

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What is the best weapon you've ever used in a game? 

PC gaming has a lot of great weapons, from grenades to shotguns, and this week some forum users reminisced about their favorites. For me, personally, it's a hard choice. I'm a sucker for Counter-Strike's AWP—there's something so wonderful about its simple, fatal precision and distinctive boom. Here's what other people had to say.

"In Ultima Online, at the height of the animal taming tree, you could tame white wyrms - these giant, powerful, magical dragons that could kill in a single hit. At one point in time, I summoned all the guild leaders to a 'peace summit' at my guild's headquarters. They gathered around the conference table, and we discussed how to solve our issues diplomatically. At my left and right were a set of tamed white wyrms whom our mages had casted invisibility on using magic rings. As talks concluded unsuccessfully, I released the tamed wyrms from our control, which made them wild, and immediately began a massacre of guild and alliance leaders.

Not your typical 'weapons', per se, but effective."

"The Boltor in Warframe is all kinds of awesomesauce. Stock is an automatic rifle that perforates your enemies with foot long spikes and pins their corpse to the wall. It was one of my favorite guns the moment I unlocked it, but where things get fantastic is Warframes implementation of mods. Add multiple spikes fired per shot, increased fire rate, increased crit chance and elemental damage suddenly your gatling fifty lighting rods in a wall of death every second."

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What's the best podcast game? 

I'm not much of a multitasker so I don't like to play games while also watching TV or listening to podcasts, but I'm so jealous of people who do. It's such an efficient use of time! This week, we're asking our readers what their favorite game is to play while also listening to a podcast since not just any game will do. I can't imagine the gory chaos of Doom Eternal pairs all that nicely with the somber tone of Lore. 

"If I'm playing a game while listening to a podcast, the gameplay either needs to be purely mechanical or purely creative. For purely mechanical gameplay I turn to games like Forza Motorsport where I can settling into the rhythm of an endurance race while catching up on my podcast backlog, or Super Mario Odyssey where I can try to cut down my speedrun times.

For purely creative gameplay I turn to games like Fallout 4's settlement building or Minecraft where I can build things with no time constraints, story progression, or action involved."

"Anything that doesn't have a bunch of story or cutscenes I need to pay attention to usually works well. FIFA and The Binding of Isaac are the ones I play most whilst catching up on a podcast or fifteen."

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