Here's the Dishonored 2 reveal trailer dissected by an Arkane dev

Dishonored 2 grenade

Vague reveal trailers with no gameplay footage are annoying. They're interesting, of course, and always welcome (they're announcing new games, after all), but their common lack of substantial information can really wear you down. The Dishonored 2 trailer Arkane delivered at E3 in June was among the better ones, in that actual information could be gleaned from it. Still, there's always the question: how much of this is just CG showponying, and how much of it is real?

Arkane has come to the rescue with the above video, which elaborates on some of the more subtle details contained in the trailer. That awesome clockwork-operated room at the beginning? Well, apparently it's real. You will enter rooms like that in the game.

There's tonnes more info in the video itself. Dishonored 2 is due to release some time next year. You'll be able to play as Emily, in addition to Corvo.

Shaun Prescott

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