Here's our first look at The Cuphead Show on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

It's been nearly a year since Netflix announced it was turning Cuphead into an animated comedy—finally allowing those of us with only regular human dexterity to enjoy the Fleischer-style animation without cursing our sluggish reflexes. Now we can finally get a look at the cartoon in motion. 

Netflix posted a brief teaser with a few clips and commentary from the team of animators and actors bringing it to life. Check it out below. 

While it resembles the game a lot, it's not quite a match. Studio MDHR used a few tricks to make Cuphead evoke classic Fleischer cartoons, but it looks like The Cuphead Show doesn't go quite as far with its mimicry. The differences aren't dramatic, though, and it still looks great. 

There's no word on when it's going to air, unfortunately, but it will be soon. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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