Watch today's Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 announcement here

Update: It's over! Find all the details on the Nvidia GeForce RTX line of graphics cards here (opens in new tab).

Original story: Nvidia's GeForce event at Gamescom takes place today, August 20, at 9am PST / 5pm BST. Within, the GPU maker promises to deliver "spectacular surprises," the biggest of which figures to be the unveiling of its hotly anticipated GeForce RTX 2080 (opens in new tab). This moment has been a long time coming—Pascal is over two years old at this point—and if you want to watch the event in real time, you can.

Nvidia will be livestreaming the event on Twitch (opens in new tab), Ustream (opens in new tab) and Facebook (opens in new tab). Company founder and CEO Jensen Huang will kick things off with a keynote speech (opens in new tab).

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Nvidia recently announced a new Turing GPU (opens in new tab), which it's using in its new line of professional-grade Quadro RTX graphics cards with real-time ray-tracing capabilities. Not long after, Nvidia posted a video teasing what is expected to be the GeForce RTX 2080, a consumer graphics card (opens in new tab) based on the same Turing architecture, also with RT cores to bolster ray-tracing.

While the teaser video pretty much confirmed the model name, there is still a lot we don't yet know about the upcoming card. Hopefully all of our questions will be answered later today.

Nvidia's event is scheduled a day ahead of Gamescom 2018 (opens in new tab), which kicks off proper on August 21 in Cologne, and concludes Saturday August 25. 

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