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Here's exactly when you'll be able to play GTA 5

Gta 5

Everyone is champing at the bit to play GTA 5, but thankfully it's not too long until we can. The game releases April 14, but that doesn't mean it'll release at the stroke of midnight on that date. That is, unless you live in Britain.

Here's a handy guide if you're wondering, up to the minute, when the game will unlock on Steam. If you've got the game pre-loaded already, this is the absolute earliest you'll be able to play depending on your region. The good news for those in the US is that you'll actually be able to play the game a day early, though only by a couple of hours.

BST (British Standard Time): April 14 @ 12:00 AM
EST (Eastern Standard Time, US): April 13 @ 7:00 PM
PST (Pacific Standard Time, US): April 13 @ 4:00 PM
AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time): April 14 @ 9 AM
AWST (Australian Western Standard Time): April 14 @ 7 AM

These times are via the Rockstar Support Twitter account, except the Australian times, which were provided by Rockstar's Australian office.

Here's everything you need to know about GTA 5 (there's a lot you need to know), and here's Sam Roberts mega-preview of the game running at 4K in 60fps. I had a go of the video editor too, which I loved. Here are all the graphics options you'll be able to tinker with.

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