Here's a trailer for Hitman 2's New York bank level, which arrives tomorrow

Hitman 2's first major new location, a New York-set bank level, is finally coming tomorrow. The trailer above gives you an idea of what to expect: a heavily-guarded bank, naturally, and an introduction to the deserving target you'll be taking out, director Athena Savalas. 

This level will open up for Expansion Pass, Silver Edition and Gold Edition owners on PC at June 25, 6 pm BST / 10 am PT. The bank level has previously been described as a 'sandbox location', so it'll hopefully be comparable to Hitman 2's existing murder puzzles boxes. It'll launch with contracts mode enabled, and feature 15 levels of location mastery.  

Here's more on your target, from IO Interactive. "Over the years, Savalas has also developed a refined disdain for the middle class, reducing customers to numbers on sheets of paper with no thought to the things she destroys with her constant 'less is more' approach to small and medium-sized businesses. Rumors of wanton gambling with client money and the bank’s finances are beginning to catch up to her and with the board of directors looking for a new CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick, Savalas is eagerly covering her tracks, using any means necessary." A nasty banker sounds like a solid pick for a Hitman 2 target in 2019. 

If you're interested in more details about how the bank was made, IO Interactive ran a livestream today explaining the bank's creation. I've embedded that below for your convenience. How big is too big, when you're making a bank level? That's among the subjects discussed in detail.

Another Hitman 2 level and location will be added to the game later this year. 

Samuel Roberts
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