Here's a mind-blowing Terraria map of an Evangelion holding a battleship

An image of a custom terraria map that is an homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
(Image credit: Re-Logic via TheaVanherst)

Sometimes people take the creative tools offered by games and push them to the extreme, using them as an artist's palette to do really impressive things. That's the case here, in a custom-made Terraria map crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion that absolutely blows me away. They took their original image and doctored it a bit to fit the theme, giving you this particularly apocalyptic-looking homage to Evangelion:

(Image credit: Re-Logic via TheaVanherst)

Created by Steam users TheaVanherst and Alexmiles, the huge Terraria "house" was built in "around 70-80 hours, done manually with a couple reference images." It's a tribute not just to Evangelion, but to Terraria. You have to understand a lot about color just to figure out which blocks to use so that Eva-01 has the right tones and shades, and that doesn't even get into the detail put into the interior of the battleship. If you don't know the anime, it's a reference to this famous moment from several Evangelion films and shows: 

(Image credit: Khara)

The Steam community page where the artwork was posted has a link to download the map, which TheaVanherst intends to update with a second Eva unit, the red 02, in the next couple of months to create "a battle arena." 

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