Here’s a GPU brace for gamers who can’t get enough RGB lighting

(Image credit: Coole Master)

In the beginning, hardware makers said "let there be RGB light," and there was RGB light. PC builders saw the light, that it was good, and hardware makers said, "We have to RGB all the things!" Then someone asked, "What about a GPU brace?" And Cooler Master responded, "Yes, even that."

And so there now exists a metal brace to prop up your graphics card, with a strip of RGB lighting. Cooler Master cleverly calls its ELV8. It's intended to slide into a free PCI Express slot underneath your graphics card so two slots can absorb the weight of your GPU instead of one.

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

It's billed as being a universal fit, and to that end, it comes with a bunch of pieces to make horizontal and vertical adjustments as needed, for your particular card.

"ELV8 is easily adjustable for use with most graphic card sizes.The tool-free slider and hinge lets you adjust horizontaly and verticaly to the best position to support almost any graphics card," Cooler Master says.

It also lights up, because what doesn't these days? If you said "toasters," you'd be wrong. These are fully addressable RGBs too, meaning you can sync them with other gear, provided you own a compatible motherboard or separate RGB controller.

Cooler Master says the ELV8 will be available on October 7 on Amazon and Newegg, priced at $24.99. Then we wait for RGB thumb screws.

Paul Lilly

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