Here's a gaming keyboard for people who like typing on laptops

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Cougar has unveiled the Vantar AX, a low profile gaming keyboard with flat keycaps and "slick scissor-switches," wrapped in a CNC machined solid aluminum alloy frame.

Scissor switches get their name from the interlocking plastic arms that comprise them. The entire mechanism wraps around a rubber dome and offers stability in a low profile form factor, versus traditional key assemblies that are much taller. This is why they are popular among some laptops.

I'm partial to both bigger and mechanical keys myself, but if you enjoy typing on a laptop, the Vantar AX aims to offer a suitable option.

Cut the cord...

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Adding some visual flair to the equation, Cougar outfitted the Vantar AX with translucent keycaps. And of course it also has RGB lighting, with eight backlighting effects. As for the aluminum frame, Cougar says it sports a sandblasted surface for a "modern and concise appearance" with a textured finish.

I've only seen press renders, which look reasonably attractive for a keyboard. Functionally, there are no dedicated gaming/macro keys, though. Same goes for media controls. However, there is at least a Windows Lock key, along with 19-key rollover anti-ghosting, meaning it can detect 19 keys being pressed at the same time.

Cougar did not say when the Vantar AX will be available or how much it will cost.

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