Here's 12 minutes of The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC Gameplay

First announced during the Xbox Games Showcase with a delightfully pulpy trailer, The Outer Worlds' first DLC out of a total two, named Peril on Gorgon, got a gameplay trailer with some short commentary by game director Carrie Patel. The DLC introduces the asteroid Gorgon, a whole new setting where a whoopsie with harmful science experiments to have taken place, morphing inhabitants and animals alike into warped monsters. Sent to Gorgon to find out how a promising scientific invention turned into a highly potent drug, the crew of the Unreliable of course need to shoot and saw their way through the colony in search for answers.

Apart from the new story, Obsidian promises three new weapons, including a melee weapon that shifts gravity to pull enemies in, an increased level cap, new armor sets and variants for existing sets, and new perks and flaws.

The setting looks like a more sarcastic, tongue in cheek version of Bioshock. It's likely more pulp than Golden Age sci-fi due its visual style and by now familiar humour, but the story of miracle space drugs gone bad and the addition of collectable audio logs doesn't sound like a complete coincidence.

You'll be able to judge Peril on Gorgon for yourself when it releases September 9. It will be available as part of the expansion pass with the as of yet unannounced second DLC, then, too.