Here is the best Mass Effect merchandise in the galaxy

Mass Effect: Andromeda is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean the original trilogy is floating lifeless like an abandoned Normandy. Sob. It's still one of the most beloved RPG series of all time (we love to argue about its best and worst characters), and its vast universe has spawned some excellent pieces of merch.

Below, we've curated some of the best collectibles on the Internet. Just try not to spend all your credits at once.

Remote-controlled Nomad ND1 replica

Price: $200

Let's start out with something that should get you in the mood for Andromeda. This 1:18 scale replica of the Nomad ND1 from the upcoming game is available as part of the Collector's Edition. It's also remote controlled with an app which allows you to turn the lights on and off and take pictures and video with the integrated camera. 

Omni-Blade cosplay replica

Price: $60

If you're a cosplayer and thinking of crafting some Mass Effect style pieces, Bioware already has you covered in some regards. This Omni-Blade weapon slots over your forearm and is designed specifically with cosplay in mind. It's out this week on the Bioware Store. 

Normandy SR-1 replica

Price: $25

The Normandy was your home for much of Mass Effect, and you can grab yourself a replica of the classic ship on Amazon. It's 6.75-inches long and is attached to a sculpted base. You can also buy the Normandy SR-2, which is slightly shorter at 6 and a quarter inches. 

Tali and Mordin statues

Price: $50 (Tali), $340 (Mordin)

The Bioware Store also has a handful of cool statues on it, including everyone's favorite Quarian Tali'Zorah, and everyone's favorite Salarian, Mordin. The Tali statue stands a little over 9 inches tall, and Mordin is huge at 1/4 scale, standing 20.5 inches tall. 

Price: $30

Ever look at the clock and think: "the time could really use more sentient AI"? Well with this Geth clock from Redbubble user Daenar7 (available in three colors), you'll never have to again.

Note: This isn't officially licensed merch.

Garrus figure

Price: $220

Next up, a couple of action figures for serious collectors, which are no longer in production and come at a high price these days. The Play Arts Kai Garrus action figure will set you back a hefty sum, but c'mon: it's Garrus. Play Arts figures are detailed and extremely poseable, to boot. For the money you'll get a model over 9 inches tall, with extra sets of hands and multiple weapons. 

Legion figure

Price: $320

This Legion action figure is even more expensive, found for $320 on Amazon. It's 13 inches tall, comes with interchangeable hands, and multiple weapons including the Geth Pulse Rifle. He's even got lights in his eyes and in the chest piece for added authenticity. Check out this page for more images and details on how awesome this figure is.

Price: £240

You can also buy an 18.5-inch tall statue of the Drell assassin Thane. Made out of polystone resin, Thane stands confidently with his M-4 Shuriken submachine gun. Warning: this price doesn't factor in the amount of time you'll lose gazing into Thane's dreamy eyes instead of working, should you choose to place him on your desk. This one's brand new, and actually won't be available until May or June.

Mass Effect Playing cards

Price: $7

If you're looking for some cool merchandise that's a little more affordable, how about these playing cards? 52 cards plus two jokers, with the face cards each featuring a different character from the universe. The character on the jokers is exactly who you'd expect, of course. 

Mass Effect trilogy soundtrack on vinyl

Price: $100

The Mass Effect trilogy has some great music, and you can get the entire soundtrack on these gorgeous vinyls. They each come in a collectible box with original artwork, and the vinyls themselves are orange, red, white, and black.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

Price: $27

If you prefer looking at artwork than listening to music, then you can get yourself this hefty Art of the Mass Effect Universe book. You could even get a head start on the new game, as The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda is already available too. 

Cook & Becker Mass Effect art prints

Price: $210

Or if you love art and have money to spare, you can go for something a little more unique. There's all sorts of amazing limited edition fine art prints on, worthy of a fancy frame and a prominent position in your living room.

Society6 art prints

Price: $13+

If expensive fine art based on your favorite game series isn't your thing, there's a cheaper alternative. Society6 has a range of more affordable art from a huge range of artists. Most are available in a convenient range of sizes.

 Note: These fan artist prints aren't officially licensed merch.

Commander Shepard statue

Price: $350

Of course, we couldn't have a list of Mass Effect merchandise without Commander Shepard on there. It's tough to find these, which is not surprising given how impressive the model is, and the fact there are only 250 in the world. Nearly 19-inches tall, Shepard stands on a light up display base holding his classic weapons. If you really want him, you might have to scour Ebay for this one.

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