Here come the full coverage water blocks for GeForce RTX graphics cards

Nvidia's GeForce RTX Founders Edition graphics cards are supposed to run cooler and quieter than the previous generation of FE models, but if you prefer to liquid cool your GPU, Alphacool has you covered. The company announced a new line of full coverage waterblocks for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 2080, two of the best graphics cards available, that Nvidia unveiled on Monday.

It looks as though Alphacool is readying four new water blocks in all, including the GPX-N 2080 Plexi, GPX-N 2080 Acetal, GPX-N 2080 Ti Plexi, and GPX-N 2080 Ti Acetal. I didn't spot any water blocks specific to the GeForce RTX 2070, though TechPowerUp believes the GPX-N 2080 Plexi and Acetal versions will be compatible with it.

As with other full coverage GPU water blocks that Alphacool offers, the Plexi version has a clear acrylic window on top so you can see the coolant, along with RGB lighting for added bling, and the Acetal does not.

According to Alphacool, there is no difference in cooling performance between the two. Both are based on the same copper heatsink, which is nickel-plated, with a large surface area for the coolant to flow.

The GPX-N 2080 Ti Plexi is available to preorder direct from Alphacool for €149.95, and the GPX-N 2080 Ti Acetal for €114.95. Both will release on September 20, the same day Nvidia's new cards are scheduled to ship.

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