Here are the official co-streamers of the PC Gaming Show

"PC Gamer presents the PC Gaming Show."
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The PC Gaming Show for summer 2024 is still just a twinkle in our editorial team's eye, but we've already lined up an all-star cast of Twitch creators to co-stream the show. When our 2024 showcase of the coolest, most exciting things coming to PC does roll around, you'll be able to enjoy it directly from us, or via one of our trusted co-streamers.

Want to co-stream the next PC Gaming Show? Contact our partnerships manager Andrew Sargood:

Streamer Asmongold headshot

Asmongold is a video game streamer, content creator, and entrepreneur.  His content focuses primarly on World of Warcraft, but he also streams a range of other games and comments on a variety of gaming news and topics. AsmonGold is a co-founder and co-owner of the content creator organization OTK Network, as well as a co-owner of PC hardware company Starforge Systems and the game publishing label Mad Mushroom. 

Steamer CohhCarnage headshot

Signed Streamer on Twitch! “Happy, helpful and respectful people welcome. Come say hello!”

Streamer Esfandtv headshot

Co-Founder/Owner of OTK and Starforge Systems.

Streamer DansGaming headshot

Dan is secretly saving the universe one video game world at a time! Let me help you as we explore a vast variety of video games together. Live around Noon Eastern USA time each day!

Streamer MissMikkaa headshot

Chill variety stream with focus on single player games. Entertainment for the chatter and the lurker. I like to do crazy challenge runs, especially in Elden Ring. Won Soulslike Streamer of the Year! Also, I have a Shiba Inu.

Streamer Day9 headshot

A mixture of thoughtful gaming strategy, comedy, and silly fun. Featuring MTGA, Dota 2, adventure games, and other community favorites. 

Streamer QTCinderella headshot

Creator of The Streamer Awards and variety streamer.

Streamer MDee14 headshot

Marcel "MDee14" Dee is a distinguished Twitch Partner from the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. Renowned for his pivotal role as the architect behind the Toronto Community Meetup, a dynamic event fueled by the essence of Twitch, Marcel is a visionary in both the gaming and philanthropic spheres. 

Streamer Kamikatze headshot

Kamikatze streams World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V and Just Chatting.

Streamer Tru3ta1ent headshot

Competitive blunt lad who loves to chat and give tips, advice and tricks to improve people's plays on any game!

Headshot of streamer Strippin

Gamer, D&D nerd, Giga himbo.

Streamer Distortion2 headshot

My stream times are somewhat random, but normally you'll see me on in the morning. (Central Standard Timezone).

Streamer AnnieFuchsia headshot

Gamer from Stockholm. I try to hit 100% in games. I play a lot of World of Warcraft :)

Streamer mee_shell headshot

Variety streamer from New Zealand with a focus on indie, RPG and simulation games. Games are soup, I am a fork.

Sreamer Adli headshot

Adli is a variety streamer on Twitch, and content creator on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. He works from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, Indonesia. His content mostly revolves around first impression gameplay from various genres and titles, especially demos or unreleased games or even uncommon games; and a weekly-radio-show/podcast known as Weekly Midnight Radio. For more information about Adli, please visit his media kit at

Streamer Radders headshot

Radderss is a disabled Twitch Ambassador who creates chaotic content for a variety of games, breaks most video games and has a very shouty cat. You'll either laugh or leave. 

Streamer Jino headshot

Jino is a video game critic, analyst and old school gamer. His content focuses on whether games are worth the investment of time and money, and covers gaming events and presentations. Also works on content based on current videogame news and economic data on sales of companies.

Streamer Marignetic headshot

I'm Marignetic aka Maria—a chaotic and energetic variety streamer with an engaging and equally chaotic community. I mainly cover first playthroughs of new releases whether that's triple A or new indie titles, alongside the occasional cooking or crafts stream. Everything I do is filled with passion, chaos, laughter and sometimes even the occasional improv rap

Streamer Reforge Gaming headshot
Reforge Gaming

Reforge Gaming is a live talk show hosted by Lono covering the hottest and newest topics in variety gaming news with unmatched interaction, live event coverage and question and answer segments. The official gaming channel of Reforge Media.  It is a live gaming podcast, weekdays @9:00 AM EST.

Streamer Swiftor headshot

Since 2008, Swiftor has been challenged in two ways as a content creator: playing games well & keeping his hair. Despite the universe sending him these messages, he continues to stream and make videos that involve minigames in titles like Call of Duty and more.

Streamer KittyRawr headshot

My name is Lilly and go by KittyRawr on Twitch and socials. I've been a Twitch streamer for 10+ years!

I mostly do variety streaming and trying new stuff along the way. Such as cosplaying, speed running, challenge runs, and anything retro to new releases. I'm known for survival horror games & completing Resident Evil 1-3 AND Metal Gear Solid 1-3 on a dance pad! The purpose of my channel when it was created was to meet people around the world with similar interests and to also help better my social anxiety. A big focus now in my channel is my community and being able to just have fun being myself exploring different avenues of gaming culture.

Streamer RoboDessert headshot

RoboDessert is a variety entertainer and gaming creator on Twitch, Tiktok, and Youtube. He plays a lot of RPGs and indie games, and he loves introducing people to new games. Regardless of what he's playing, his focus is always on humor and connecting with his audience. He co-runs a gaming and comedy Youtube channel called Co-Op Comedy with his friend RobertHighwind. Robo is passionate about coffee, dogs, and charity fundraising, and together he and his community have raised more than $18,000 for various charities in the last few years. He hopes that if he works very hard every day, he can one day grow up to become a muppet.

Streaming team Yo Soy Un Gamer group picture
Yo Soy Un Gamer

Yo Soy Un Gamer is a Spanish speaking platform from Puerto Rico that covers news from gaming, tech and entertainment. We are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, X and in TikTok. We react to big events like the PC Gaming Show to our audience. 

Streamer VoidsMind headshot

Oliver "VoidsMind" Smind is a content creator and primarily streamer located in Austria who excels in entertaining his audience while playing a variety of new and old video games within a wide range of genres and platforms. Presenting himself with a focus on stand-up comedy mid-game, he shows deep passion about the games he enjoys as well as music, and many other hobbies he shares with his audience. VoidsMind has also collaborated with companies for charity fundraisers such as Stand Up To Cancer for Sega, as well as being invited to participate in bigger streaming events like PC Gaming Most Wanted. His actions have not only provided a great environment for his audience, but also got him noticed by multiple gaming publishers, providing him with access keys to their new releases and beta tests. This man is truly lemon biting good and will interest you in spending that Prime Gaming sub on the Prime Man himself.

Streamer Delacroix22 headshot

Hello, My name is Dela, and I am here every day. Cherry Xtrfy Sponsored, Horror movies and games lover.

Streamer FaunAndGames headshot

Jess (they/them) goes by FaunAndGames in most places online. They are a queer Canadian variety streamer, showrunner, and game designer. They love highlighting indie games, queer content, and encouraging a supportive community. Their Twitch stream includes everything from cute new indie games, TTRPGs, special events, chaotic fundraisers, and the nerdiest of chats. Catch them streaming Mon, Wed, and Fri on their channel 

Streamer Burr art

Burr is a variety streamer who tends to focus on roguelites, but succumbs to the pressure to play games chosen by Twitch chat via Marbles on Stream.

Streamer RevealingTooMuch headshot

I'm a full time variety streamer and content creator on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, and I'm trying to make your favourite place on the internet. Whether it's fast-paced action in a first person shooter or a slow and deliberate turn-based strategy game, I'm focused on making anywhere you find me on the internet a place where you can be yourself and belong

Streamer Xop0 posing next to Christmas tree

I graduated with a master's degree in economics with honors but chose the profession of streamer and have been doing this since 2016. Live in Bulgaria, stream for RU speakers all over the world varied content from AAA games to Indie, IRL, and reactions to videos, interactive shows, cover tournaments and events for gamers, so I simply could not ignore such important events in the gaming world as the Golden Joystick Awards and PC Gaming Show. Most Wanted

Sadot The Gamer

Sadot The Gamer is a prominent YouTube content creator with over 70,000 subscribers in just his 3rd year of content creation. He is the "All-Father" of Durag Nation, a community named for his trademark durag. Sadot specializes in delivering comprehensive but concise news, as well as commentary, competitive gameplay and guides in the superhero and AAA gaming niche. 

Streamer ComradeNerd headshot

Twitch partner and digital nomad, currently doing my variety streams from Armenia. Streaming a whole range of games genres, indie and AAA alike (but indie more) with a sprinkle of IRL streams. Passionate about games past just playing them - covering gaming news weekly and trying to get into hobby gamedev streams.

Streamer lizziebears_ headshot

lizziebears_ is a variety streamer and amateur cosplayer with a love of all things horror or cute n’ cuddly. You can often find her forgetting to read the in-game map, drinking copious amounts of coffee, or trying to get her cats to make an appearance on camera. Streams also often involve her love of catboys and the 80s, as well as playing the game while the chatting screen is still up. We’ve got chaos, cosiness, and a whole lot of good vibes in chat.

Streamer Riskin headshot

My name is Riskin, and I am a former professional Call of Duty player, having achieved the title of 11-time champion in France. Since the release of the first Warzone in 2020, I transitioned into a content creator and streamer on Twitch. I have a deep passion for video games in general, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with my community. My journey has evolved from competitive gaming to creating entertaining and engaging content for my audience.

Streamer Leezi headshot

Leezi is a streamer that primarily focuses on Just Chatting and Food & Drink streams, but also plays indie games and other titles like Hollow Knight, Little Nightmares and Hades.

Streamer Danfinity headshot

Danfinity is a Twitch Partner, podcast host and Destiny 2 PVE Sherpa, helping people with endgame activities like Raids and Dungeons. Dan's content focuses on fun, charity and community building.


The most important Italian online magazine dedicated to video games, if you want to know everything about the best PC and console games!

Streamer usachman headshot

Hello, my name is Sashko, 29 years old, a fool from Mykolaiv. In general, all kinds of retro games appear on my streams, because I try to catch up on everything I missed during my life, or refresh my memory of things long forgotten, but I don't shy away from playing something new.

Streamer lemosky headshot

Focusing on all things video gaming, Lemosky is a streamer and content creator on Twitch & YouTube.

Vtuber girl_dm_ close-up

Green haired Vtuber from Canada.

Streamer Cirno TV art

Speedrunner and Variety gamer!

Steamer elliejoypanic headshot

Hi I'm Ellie or El (she/her) and I'm a full time charity focused variety streamer! I mostly play hard and soft games, like Fromsoft challenge runs and randomizers, and games like Planet Zoo and Dorfromantik! I'm British but have lived on the West coast of the USA since early 2020.

This community has a strong focus on inclusivity and making sure everyone feels welcome, we uplift and celebrate marginalized communities and voices, and we regularly raise money for charity and mutual aid.

Streamer Thormungandr headshot

Hey everyone my name is Thor! I play video games with steering wheels, donkey kong bongos, feet, and other unconventional controllers. I have a passion for teaching others and I'm a Professional Photographer outside of Twitch.

Streaming duo iXBTgames on couch
iXBT games

Podcasts about games. Game reviews. Game streams. Interviews about games.

Streamer SerSerpiente1 headshot

Spanish gamer, and self proclaimed ‘hardcore tryhard’, trying to be a person who plays almost everything that is put in front of him. 

Associate Editor

Ted has been thinking about PC games and bothering anyone who would listen with his thoughts on them ever since he booted up his sister's copy of Neverwinter Nights on the family computer. He is obsessed with all things CRPG and CRPG-adjacent, but has also covered esports, modding, and rare game collecting. When he's not playing or writing about games, you can find Ted lifting weights on his back porch.