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This week on the PC Gamer forums, Death Stranding's arrival on PC, discussions about gameplay vs graphics, the community tests their gaming knowledge with a screenshot quiz, and gaming pet-peeves we didn't mind as kids but now irritate us as adults.

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Here's what's been going on this week in the forums:

Death Stranding. Will you buy it?

The release date for Death Stranding on PC is fast approaching, and for those who have already played Kojima's postal service strand game will you be playing it again on PC? McStabStab has started a thread saying that this will be the first time playing, and asks for people to comment about what intrigued them about the post-apocalyptic delivery game. 

I bought it on PS4 at launch and enjoyed my time with it. I won't be buying the PC version but I can say that I think it's worth it even at full price. It's very unique and relaxing, but it never lets you get away with zoning out completely. The story is very Kojima, i.e. very on the nose but also strangely heartfelt and poignant. It won't be to everyone's taste but it worked for me.Rensje

I'll be getting it. I know hardly anything about it, but it's been a long time since I played anything AAA, and I tend to like odd games, so I'm looking forward to it.—ZedClampet

Here's the thread

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Gameplay vs Graphics

RevoluGame has started a thread asking what everyone's preferences between gameplay and graphics are. As much as gameplay is important, there have been games that I've played where I've not been so hot on the gameplay but have loved its art style. The thread is less about what is better and more a fun discussion about your own experiences. Check out the thread and leave a comment. 

As with all these things, there is not one thing that is better than the other. There are plenty of text adventures I have played with absolutely no graphics - but then there are games like Skyrim where I love to just endlessly walk around the forests, that wouldn't have the same effect with bad or zero graphics.—Dan

Video games are like food. First priority is that it tastes good. However, your appetite will likely also be heavily influenced by how it looks.. ;-)Kabouter

Here is the full thread

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Quiz: Name that Game

Due to Frindis' popular Quiz: name that movie thread, Pifanjr has created a similar quiz but with games. Started back in January, the quiz is still going on today. There have been a couple of well-guessed games already and some that have left the community stumped, so jump on in if you think your gaming knowledge is up to scratch. If you guess correctly then you get to post the next screenshot. 

Guess: I think it's either Evil Islands or Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor. Not sure I'm allowed two guesses at once but hey, we gotta keep it goingRensje

Answer: First one is the hit! It's the ogre from Evil Islands, a small gem of a cRPG from Nival Interactive that boasted one of the first (and quite solid even to this day) crafting system and interesting world/mechanics. That ogre is one of the first "big & scary" enemies that can one-shot player character for most of "act I" and killing first one (preferably with a mixture of headshot AND backstab) is an achievement on it's own!OsaX Nymloth

Here is the quiz.

What's something about games you didn't mind as a kid but can't stand now?

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Jody's weekend question is about something you overlooked as a kid in games but really annoys you now. He uses impatient boss fights, cutscenes and save points as examples, so if any of those examples hit a nerve then make sure to leave a comment. For me it's definitely difficulty, my fuse for difficult games has become a lot shorter than it was when I was younger. 

Bad voiceover. If I ever play a game with someone talking like they were half asleep or with an accent so horribly done that it makes you die a little inside, I instantly lose interest. Oh, and 20+ minutes loading times :)Frindis

Can't be bothered with any game that doesn't respect my time eg checkpoints rather than save anywhere or huge difficulty spikes. Back in the day I'd bash my head against the wall mastering a gaming to get past the un-fun bits, now I'll just drop the game and move on.—Berious

Here is the question.

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