Heart’s Choice interactive romance novels coming to Steam

(Image credit: Heart's Choice / Choice of Games)

A new line of interactive fiction is set to release soon on Steam: a whole bunch of romance novels from publisher Heart’s Choice, a new imprint of prolific interactive fiction publisher Choice of Games. The announcement of the Heart’s Choice imprint came a few years ago, but writing novel-length games takes time to write. You might remember Choice of Games from the first text-only game on Steam, or from seeing any of their releases over the years. This initial Heart’s Choice release has three games: 

  • A Pirate’s Pleasure is a story about the Golden Age of Piracy, where the player is a female pirate captain deciding their fate—and that of their crew—as the era’s end draws near, by Lisa Fox. 
  • Dawnfall is a wild sci-fi ride about a character who opens portals between worlds and dimensions, by RoAnna Sylver. It allows a customizable protagonist of various genders and sexualities. 
  • Jazz Age is a novel about prohibition, nightclubs, and the roaring 20s in New York City, by Nicola R. White. It also allows a customizable protagonist. 

I can happily say that among the absolute sea of releases on Steam, this is something refreshingly new for the platform. The games are set to release any day now—a couple have passed their date, in fact. We’ve reached out to Choice of Games for clarification about that. They’re all due to have a free demo, as well. The curious can check out the Heart’s Choice catalog on Steam, the Choice of Games catalog, the official Heart's Choice website, or go check out the Choice of Games website

Update: The Heart's Choice games are set to release on December 2nd.

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