Headset of the Year: Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver

It’s safe to say that the majority of “gaming” headsets out on the market are trash. They’re made largely to appeal to customers chasing aesthetics more than quality. But there’s a legitimate reason to this: quality costs money, and manufacturers know that to sell more units, corners have to be cut.

If Kingston has cut any corners, we can’t perceive them. The audio that’s pumped out from the Cloud Revolver is phenomenal—comparable to even high-end dedicated headphones. Crisp and clear highs, balanced mid-ranges, and controlled bass are all hallmarks of a good pair of headphones, and the Revolver makes for a good pair of headphones. You can use them for movies, music, and games and they’ll shine.

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Audio quality aside, the Revolver is also comfortable to wear. It still bears “gaming” aesthetics but it sits comfortably for long periods of time. Kingston throws in a microphone but we think spending a bit more for something like the Blue Yeti microphone will be much better. However, the microphone still sounds good—just not the best.

There are too many “gaming” headsets on the market now. They all strive for crazier designs, more lighting elements, or something else. But Kingston instead chose to push for quality above all else, and it shows. The best part? They’re affordable (opens in new tab)!

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