Hawken beta key giveaway, win one of 10,000 keys

Hawken robo-strafing

Free to play giant robot war game, Hawken, is due out in December. I know. A whole MONTH away. I'm learned to cope with some help of a mech suit I've constructed out of used Corn Flakes boxes. We'd like to spare 10,000 readers that level of madness by emailing out access to this week's testing session.

To grab a key, follow the link below and enter your details. There's good news if you've already entered one of our previous Hawken beta key giveaways, Adhesive say that "all previous closed beta codes will also work on this latest Closed Beta initiative as well." Sweet.

Hawken beta access would really *removes shades* mech my day .

Adhesive also mention that they're preparing a series of bundles which will be "pre-sold at a discount" on the Hawken site for $5, $15, $30, and $60. There's no mention of exactly what they'll contain yet, but the items and in-game currency will be made available when Hawken goes into open beta on December 12.

Beta keys will be emailed out when the competition closes later this week. We can only give codes out to the first 10,000 entrants, sadly, for everyone else, I can only point you to eHow's article on " How to Build A Robot Suit ."

Tom Senior

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