Hey, look, an RTX 4060 legitimately below $300

MSI RTX 4060 graphics card
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MSI RTX 4060 | 8GB GDDR6 | 3,072 shaders | 2,490 MHz |$314.99 $293 at Newegg (save $21.99)

MSI RTX 4060 | 8GB GDDR6 | 3,072 shaders | 2,490 MHz | $314.99 $293 at Newegg (save $21.99)
If you must have Ada Lovelace, Nvidia's latest gaming architecture, the cheapest way in is this RTX 4060. Faster than the RTX 3060 though the price suggests it should have been better. You do get the full DLSS 3.5 suite, though, and it's pretty decent at encoding video for streaming.

RTX 4060 price check: Best Buy $299.99 | Amazon $299.99 | Walmart $293 

First released in June, 2023, the RTX 4060 remains the cheapest RTX 40-series graphics card for the desktop, and the most affordable route to the Ada Lovelace architecture and latest DLSS support. That said, it's not a graphics card we often recommend, as it has largely retained its original cost versus many of AMD's lot, which are more aggressive on price.

I get it, though. I've seen the Steam hardware survey. Most gamers seemingly prefer to purchase an Nvidia GPU, despite stern competition. With that in mind, the best deal I've seen on this GPU today is the MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 4060 8GB for $293 at Newegg.

The RTX 4060 usually has an MSRP of $300, a paltry saving of $7. Though this particular model claims a higher price due to its factory overclock, which usually sees it demand $315.

You secure 3,072 CUDA Cores and 8GB of VRAM for your cash. That's pretty much the minimum VRAM I'd recommend anyone pick up in 2024, and even then it's on the slim side. For 1080p, however, it should suffice. You'd only really be able to secure more by purchasing an Intel Arc A770 16GB—the cheapest of which is around $280. That's not a bad shout, should you require lots of memory for working with AI or something, but Intel's cards aren't the most consistent for gaming.

It'd be remiss of me not to mention the competition. For the most part, AMD's RX 7600 gets pretty darn close, if not equals, the RTX 4060. And for quite a bit less cash—the cheapest I can find is $260 at Newegg. Though with ray tracing the green team's card pulls ahead, and DLSS Frame Generation certainly helps.

If you aren't quite decided on which card to buy, check out our cheap graphics card deals page for more. I've just updated it today, and it offers a good at-a-glance view of what you can get for your money across the different GPUs around right now.

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