Hyte is claiming its new AIO CPU cooler to be the quietest and coolest ever made

Hyte Thicc Q80 Trio cooler at Computex 2024.
(Image credit: Future)

According to Hyte, the Thicc Q80 Trio is the best darned all-in-one liquid cooler on the market.

"The most THICC, cool, quiet, and intelligent AIO ever made," reads a placard at Hyte's Computex booth. I'm told the same sorta thing by a company representative, too, who tells me they've not managed to find an equal in their testing.

The cooler includes three Thicc FP12 fans pre-installed on a 360 mm radiator. Moreover, and it's probably hard to tell from the images alone, it lives up to its name. This thing is supremely thick at 52 mm.

It's definitely set to be in the standings, if not top dog—Hyte reports 105.8 cubic feet/minute airflow and static pressure of 8.14 mmH2O, which is way up there, though that's a rating for the entire cooler—all three fans combined. We'll have to put its claims to the test ourselves for something more comparable.

Though to talk just cooling potential would be to ignore the 5-inch screen loaded onto this cooler. It's a HD display that's customisable via the Hyte PC application, Nexus. On the rear sits an array of RGB LEDs for a gorgeous backlit ambient glow effect. 

I've been testing the smaller version of this cooler over the past few weeks, the Thicc Q60. What has stood out to me is just how quiet it is, especially considering the cooler's impressive performance. I even have it loaded onto an open-air test bench at desk height next to where I work and I've no complaints about the noise. The price is a big factor, however. It's $399. Phwoar.

Hyte Thicc Q80 Trio cooler at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Future)

Most gamers won't need a cooler with a screen on it, however, and especially not a triple-fan model that'll make your wallet weep. The Thicc Q80 Trio has no confirmed price tag just yet, but it will be dear.

The Thicc Q80 Trio is expected to launch in August.

To help with the price factor, Hyte is also releasing a more modest version of the Thicc Q60. It's called the P60 Duo.

Hyte Thicc Q80 Trio cooler at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Future)

The P60 Duo comes with much the same radiator, fans, and performance as the Q60. However, it ditches the big screen and opts for some more subtle lighting instead. Though note I said more subtle. This thing still stands out.

Unfortunately we don't have a price for the P60 Duo, either. Though it's set to launch in September.


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