Hanzo and Alextrasza confirmed as the next Heroes of the Storm characters

Now you can be a Hanzo main in two games. At BlizzCon 2017 today, Blizzard announced officially that Overwatch's Hanzo and World of Warcraft's Alextrasza are the next heroes coming to the MOBA, along with a new event, Dragons of the Nexus.

Alextrasza is a "versatile ranged support who manipulates her life energy to heal her allies," and can transform into a dragon with her 'Dragon Queen' ability. If you aren't familiar with the character, she's a big part of WoW lore. Hanzo, meanwhile, is of course a "nimble ranged assassin" as he is in Overwatch.

In addition, general improvements are coming to HotS in 2018, including "performance-based matchmaking," which takes into account individual match performances rather than just which team won or lost. That update will also add voice chat, increase the camera's FOV, and bring general improvements to stealth and laning. You can read all about what's coming here.

The update isn't coming until next year, but will be available to try on the PTR on November 20.

PC Gamer

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