Halo Reach on PC is being shown off today (Updated)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection's upcoming PC release will be the first time most of the games have left Microsoft's consoles, and thankfully 343 Industries and Splash Damage have been taking their time with the port, getting the controls and UI up to snuff. Reach will be the first one out of the gate in a staggered release schedule, though none of the six games have yet received a release date. 

Public tests, meanwhile, have been postponed—the original plan was to start in April—while the developers spend more time getting it ready. Last week, community director Brian Jarrard said that it probably wouldn't start before E3, though progress was being made.

If you've signed up to the Halo Insider programme, you'll be able to take an early look, presumably not long after the fan celebration. In response to questions about the event, Jarrard explained that the test phase would be starting soon and that Reach would probably be playable at E3.

"Flighting should begin rolling out to Insiders in June," he wrote. "But, it's highly likely that a representative work-in-progress flight-build slice of Reach PC will be on hand in Microsoft's booth at E3."

There's still no official date yet, but Microsoft will host fan celebrations during the Xbox E3 press conference across all Microsoft Stores, featuring news, first looks and details from the Xbox briefing. You can also see it in action during a live show-and-tell today at 1:30 pm PT on Mixer

Update: This article originally stated that the build shown during today's livestream would be playable during the fan celebration events in Microsoft Stores. Jarrard has since clarified on Twitter that that was a mistake.

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